09 April 2022

OpenDeck boards v3 in development

The new OpenDeck boards are coming. Not yet, but soon enough!

09 April 2022

OpenDeck v7

Even though last post made it sound like the development of the OpenDeck platform is stopping, that was not the case. In the meantime I’ve found few more areas I’d...

23 November 2021

OpenDeck v6 - what comes next?

OpenDeck v6 was released a while ago, it’s just that I haven’t written a blog post about it. Let’s correct that.

04 June 2021

The new DubFocus controller

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to build few new DubFocus controllers. There are several differences between these and previous models:

30 March 2021

Regarding DubFocus

Due to the frequent questions I get about DubFocus, I’ve written this post to clarify some things.

18 February 2021

The touchscreen trio

About a year ago I’ve started sketching the new controller for myself, since I’ve found myself a bit limited by the Bergamot controller. Eventually, I made three different controllers (or...

19 November 2020

Support for new hardware

Latest OpenDeck firmware now supports two new STM32F4 boards, commonly known as “Black Pill” - the one with STM32F401 and STM32F411 MCUs. These are very powerful boards and their MCU...

11 November 2020

OpenDeck v2 boards now available

This might be the shortest post I’ve ever written - but fairly important nonetheless. The OpenDeck v2 boards can now be ordered via Tindie! As an reminder, OpenDeck v2...

12 October 2020

New firmware, new boards, new controllers

Due to everything that’s going on right now it feels like ancient history the last time I’ve talked about new OpenDeck firmware. Or new boards. Or new controllers. In fact,...

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