OpenDeck v7

Even though last post made it sound like the development of the OpenDeck platform is stopping, that was not the case. In the meantime I’ve found few more areas I’d like to explore. One of them is Bluetooth MIDI and that was the focus of latest OpenDeck release, v7.1.0.

BLE MIDI is now supported on the following boards:

As always, support for more BLE supported boards will be added in the future. Building a wireless controller with OpenDeck is now as simple as toggling the “BLE MIDI” toggle in the web configuration tool.

There’s also reworked thruing, so you can thru anything to anything now. Some other new features since v6.0 include:

  • Added the ability to specify global MIDI channel for all components
  • Added the ability to specify “omni” MIDI chanel 17
    • For outgoing data, channel 17 will send MIDI messages on all MIDI channels
    • For incoming data, setting the channel to 17 will ignore the channel (eg. for LEDs this will make them listen to all MIDI channels)
  • Added “Only note off” and “Only CC 0” message modes for buttons: combined with omni MIDI channel setting this makes it possible to configure the buttons as “kill” switches to mute all channels if supported by the controlling software / gear
  • Reworked MIDI thru options
  • Implemented double-buffering for DMX to avoid tearing
  • Added the ability to control DMX channels via SysEx
  • Added the ability to control DMX channels via connected components - DMX message mode can now be assigned to buttons, encoders and analog components
  • Added the ability to specify lower and upper ADC percentage offsets (useful for inputs which can’t reach minimum or maximum ADC value)