Build MIDI controllers with ease

Instead of spending time on circuit design, programming, and solving lots of unnecessary problems, simply connect components of your MIDI controller into OpenDeck board and you’re done.

Extreme configurability

Additional board configuration can be done online – no installation of extra software is necessary!

Extensive documentation for easy start.

Packed with features

OpenDeck is the most featureful and configurable MIDI platform on the planet. Not only does the firmware run on official board, it also supports Arduino Mega and STM32F4 Black Pill boards. Still feeling limited? Firmware supports defining your own board variants as well.


Simplicity is a feature.

Universally supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Any MIDI supported DAW or DJ software.

Online configurator

Configure your controller in web browser. No installation required.

Open source

100% open-source and open-hardware

Custom board support

Easily add support for yours!

Battle proven

Running inside custom controllers for world-class musicians.


Buttons, potentiometers, FSRs, encoders


Single color and RGB LEDs

Touchscreen support

All Nextion and Stone HMI models


Connect synths and other gear


No drivers required


DMX output supported (with additional circuitry)


Up to 10 individual mappings

14-bit support

Pitch bend, high-resolution CC and NRPN support

Firmware updates in browser

Update your board with new features
Parallax Features

Official board specifications

Loaded with I/O in compact form. 10cm x 10cm. Small, medium or large size project, OpenDeck board has you covered.

Digital inputs

64 inputs for buttons or 32 for encoders


48 single color-LEDs or 16 RGB LEDs

DMX output

Open Lighting Architecture compatible


Support for any Nextion and Stone HMI screen

Analog inputs

32 inputs with support for buttons


Class compliant. No drivers required.


In and out

I2C for OLED display

SSD1306 controller support

No coding. No debugging. Simpler than ever.

Built with OpenDeck

Check the examples below and see what is possible with OpenDeck.

  • All
  • Shantea Controls
  • DubFocus
  • Bergamot
  • Rooibos
  • User made

Discuss. Ask. Request features.


Users just love OpenDeck. But don't take my word for it.

Latest blog posts

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The new DubFocus controller


After some deliberation, I’ve decided to build few new DubFocus controllers. There are several differences between these and previous models:

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Regarding DubFocus


Due to the frequent questions I get about DubFocus, I’ve written this post to clarify some things.

Prices for custom MIDI controllers

Want a custom controller, but don't want to DIY? Check the offers below.



Make any layout you want with 10" touchscreen.

DubFocus 16


The ultimate dubbing controller. Dub in the box like never before. 16 channels, 4 sends, 2 buttons with LEDs and 1 fader per channel strip.

Custom design

Send a message for the offer

Want a fully custom controller or custom board design? OpenDeck can accomodate virtually any MIDI controller you have in mind.


Want to know more about OpenDeck? Interested in custom MIDI controller? Send a message!