OpenDeck is an open-source platform for building custom MIDI controllers compatible with any MIDI software and hardware on any OS.

Using OpenDeck building of MIDI controllers is simpler than ever.

Instead of spending time on choosing the right electronics, writing code, and solving lots of unnecessary problems, simply connect components of your MIDI controller into OpenDeck board and you're done.

Additional board configuration can be done online  - no installation of extra software is necessary!

main features

Class-compliant USB MIDI

Easy configuration using Web interface

No drivers or extra software needed

Compatible with all MIDI software and hardware

Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

supported COMPONENTS





Single color and RGB LEDs (with PWM)

Supported boards

"Based on my previous experiences around MIDI controller development, using the OpenDeck platform has definitely been the most straightforward process of building a DIY MIDI controller." Liam Lacey, AskAudio

"I'm just blown away with how amazing this is. The web interface is super simple and really smooth to use." David Dyball, OpenDeck user

"OpenDeck is the future of DIY MIDI controller builds. Hands down." Scott Koopmann, OpenDeck user

Official OpenDeck board specifications

  • MIDI Out
  • DIN MIDI to USB conversion
  • 64 digital inputs for buttons/32 inputs for encoders
  • 48 outputs with PWM support for single-color LEDs/16 RGB LEDs
  • 32 inputs for analog potentiometers or FSRs (configurable as digital inputs for buttons)

Simple and powerful web configuration interface

OpenDeck firmware also runs on Arduino boards

Arduino Pro Micro
Arduino Uno
Arduino Leonardo
Arduino Mega2560

MIDI controllers built with OpenDeck platform

Availability and pricing

OpenDeck boards are priced 150€. Currently available for preorder.

Pre-configured Arduino boards:

  • Arduino Pro Micro: 30€
  • Arduino Uno: 40€
  • Arduino Leonardo: 45€
  • Arduino Mega2560: 65€
Shipping costs are 10€. 

Pre-compiled firmware for Arduino boards: 20€

Contact: Click here!