This might be the shortest post I’ve ever written - but fairly important nonetheless. The OpenDeck v2 boards can now be ordered via Tindie! As an reminder, OpenDeck v2 boards bring the the following:

  • 64 digital inputs for 64 buttons or 32 encoders
  • 32 analog inputs which can be used as button inputs as well
  • 48 digital outputs for LEDs (with integrated resistors, so no external resistors are required)
  • DIN MIDI in and out
  • Class-compliant USB MIDI which works on any operating system without any drivers
  • Additional UART connector for touchscreens
  • Additional I2C connector for small LCD/OLED displays
  • Additional SPI connector which is currently unused
  • STM32F405 MCU capable of hosting 10 presets

This took longer than expected, but I’m happy that I managed to make them available before the end of this year.