27 February 2020

OpenDeck on ARM

A little over two years ago, I’ve announced that OpenDeck firmware started supporting various Arduino boards. It was a major milestone - the firmware design was modular enough that...

16 February 2020

Looking for a Web developer

Web configurator is among the most loved features of OpenDeck. It’s basically its selling point. Without it, OpenDeck would be just another open-source project where you need to mess with...

06 August 2019

Building DubFocus controllers

I’ve built two new controllers which I’ve named DubFocus (dub producers are really keen into very knobby MIDI controllers), even though the name can’t be seen anywhere on them.

02 July 2019

Status of OpenDeck on Arduino

This will be short post clearing up the confusion around the status of Arduino boards and OpenDeck firmware on them.

21 June 2019

OpenDeck software v4.0.0 - What's new?

There were few interesting additions to OpenDeck software from my last post which was about v3.1.0, so I’ll recap everything noteworthy in this post, as well as some other stuff.


19 November 2018

OpenDeck software v3.1.0 - Presets

Presets are one of features I’ve been asked the most about. In this post I’ll talk about the implementation of presets in OpenDeck software.

14 October 2018

Touchscreen-based MIDI controller

I’ve built myself a new controller - Bergamot, which is my first controller based on a touchscreen.

22 August 2018

OpenDeck software v2.1.1

Yesterday I’ve released OpenDeck v2.1.1. Time for another OpenDeck release feature roundup!

16 July 2018

Custom controller for Conscious Youth

Last time I’ve built a custom MIDI controller for someone was quite a while ago. Actually, I’ve been so focused on OpenDeck in the last few years I...


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