The new DubFocus controller

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to build few new DubFocus controllers. There are several differences between these and previous models: DubFocus 12 became DubFocus 16 in same case – the horizontal spacing between components is now 29mm instead of 40mm. PCBs have been totally redesigned so now, the entire controller is made from 3 large […]

Regarding DubFocus

As some of you are already aware, I’ve spent most of 2020 building DubFocus 12 controllers (and one 16ch). This has proved to be very time consuming, mainly due to the way how I designed the electronics and holding system inside the controller. There were also several common points of failure in assembly increasing the […]

The touchscreen trio

About a year ago I’ve started sketching the new controller for myself, since I’ve found myself a bit limited by the Bergamot controller. Eventually, I made three different controllers (or two, depending on how you count). Cardamom Cardamom project started out with specs: 16 pots (standard by now), 7 encoders, 2 channel faders and one […]

Support for new hardware

Latest OpenDeck firmware now supports two new STM32F4 boards, commonly known as “Black Pill” – the one with STM32F401 and STM32F411 MCUs. These are very powerful boards and their MCU is very similar to the one I’m already using for all my new controllers and also new OpenDeck board. They are also very cheap (can […]

OpenDeck v2 boards now available

This might be the shortest post I’ve ever written – but fairly important nonetheless. The OpenDeck v2 boards can now be ordered via Tindie! As an reminder, OpenDeck v2 boards bring the the following: 64 digital inputs for 64 buttons or 32 encoders 32 analog inputs which can be used as button inputs as well […]

New firmware, new boards, new controllers

Due to everything that’s going on right now it feels like ancient history the last time I’ve talked about new OpenDeck firmware. Or new boards. Or new controllers. In fact, I think the past few months have been the busiest months for OpenDeck ever since the project started. If you’re interested on what’s going on […]

Creating custom OpenDeck board variants

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “How do I create my own custom board which uses OpenDeck firmware?”. There was never really a stable way of doing that – just in the last year alone I’ve changed the way new targets/variants are added at least 3 times, each time a bit […]

OpenDeck on ARM

A little over two years ago, I’ve announced that OpenDeck firmware started supporting various Arduino boards. It was a major milestone – the firmware design was modular enough that it could support various targets instead of just official OpenDeck board. Now, it’s time to announce another major milestone: OpenDeck can now run on 32-bit STM32 […]

Looking for a Web developer

Web configurator is among the most loved features of OpenDeck. It’s basically its selling point. Without it, OpenDeck would be just another open-source project where you need to mess with low level stuff like sending and receiving raw SysEx bytes. Configurator makes the configuration easy, and most importantly, low level details become invisible. In my […]

Building DubFocus controllers

I’ve built two new controllers which I’ve named DubFocus (dub producers are really keen into very knobby MIDI controllers), even though the name can’t be seen anywhere on them. The controllers feature 12 faders, 48 pots, 12 buttons with LEDs… Oh wait, you’ve heard this before, right? What’s the point of this post then? Let […]