The touchscreen trio

About a year ago I’ve started sketching the new controller for myself, since I’ve found myself a bit limited by the Bergamot controller. Eventually, I made three different controllers (or two, depending on how you count). Cardamom Cardamom project started out with specs: 16 pots (standard by now), 7 encoders, 2 channel faders and one […]

Support for new hardware

Latest OpenDeck firmware now supports two new STM32F4 boards, commonly known as “Black Pill” – the one with STM32F401 and STM32F411 MCUs. These are very powerful boards and their MCU is very similar to the one I’m already using for all my new controllers and also new OpenDeck board. They are also very cheap (can […]

OpenDeck v2 boards now available

This might be the shortest post I’ve ever written – but fairly important nonetheless. The OpenDeck v2 boards can now be ordered via Tindie! As an reminder, OpenDeck v2 boards bring the the following: 64 digital inputs for 64 buttons or 32 encoders 32 analog inputs which can be used as button inputs as well […]

Creating custom OpenDeck board variants

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “How do I create my own custom board which uses OpenDeck firmware?”. There was never really a stable way of doing that – just in the last year alone I’ve changed the way new targets/variants are added at least 3 times, each time a bit […]

Status of OpenDeck on Arduino

This will be short post clearing up the confusion around the status of Arduino boards and OpenDeck firmware on them. 1.5 years ago I’ve made the OpenDeck firmware run on Arduino boards. At the time, I was selling Arduino boards with OpenDeck preinstalled. I was also selling the precompiled firmware for the people who didn’t […]

OpenDeck SysEx protocol – stable!

Last time I wrote about OpenDeck SysEx protocol, there were still many unsolved problems and issues, together with lack of functionality. Since I actually released OpenDeck software on GitHub couple of days ago, it’s time to write a new post, explaining all current features, and announcing some new ones. Hello World Back when I first […]